Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Yesterday, for the first time in two months, I tried some speed work. I went to the track, planning to do three one-mile intervals. Wayne and Mark were there when I arrive, and Steve H. showed within a few minutes. We warmed up for a few miles first, then stretched. I felt reasonable loose by my standards for 'loose'. (I don't actually touch my toes, but I do give them a good looking at.)

The four of us lined up and started the first mile together. Mark, of course, finished well ahead of the rest of us, I estimate at about 5:15. I ran it in 6:00 minutes even, which was faster than I had planned, but still Steve and Wayne were right there around 6:15. I felt the burning in my Achilles, but it was not too bad and I decided to continue. I did a slow 400 yards to recover, then we lined up to start the second mile. Funny about that, as I pushed off at the start, I felt a twinge in my Achilles, which made me instinctively try to take the weight off my foot. I ended up doing a sort of jump-hop and came right out of my shoe. I slip it back on, and then tried to keep running, but the Achilles pain had gotten into my head. I pulled up short after half a lap, stretched, retied my shoe, and then rejoined the run. I finished with a time of about 6:30, adjusted for down-time probably about a 6:10. After another minute or two of recovery and reassessment of the Achilles pain (still tolerable), I decided I wasn't going to go home without completing the three fast miles I had planned to do, so I lined up for the last mile. As soon as we left the line, I got the stupid idea that I would try to run the first quarter mile with Mark. I managed to stay with him for a little while before he began to pull away. Mark is only slightly competitive, so I suspect that with me on his shoulder, he picked up his pace in that first quarter mile to drop me. Regardless, I am sure that was the fastest quarter mile I've run in many, many years. I did slow up after than, but managed about a 6:10 mile.
We ended the session with about a mile and a half of slow recovery. I went home and realized I had not once thought about my quads, even though it is only a week since Boston. That might have had something to do with my Achilles taking all of my attention, but still, I like to think that I am well on the way toward recovery from the Boston Quad Buster Marathon.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that the recovery is still going well ........ and that, at your advanced age, you can still wave at your toes!


solarsquirrel said...

LOL. I had to laugh when I read about Mark being only slightly competitive. You are so hard core!