Sunday, April 13, 2008

No Run = No Fun

Doctor Joy(less) said no running, but I did try a little run on Friday. I was duly scolded by several of you about that, so I promised I would be good this weekend. It wasn't easy, but I followed the letter of the law. I was so careful, I called the Doc for permission before running a bath.

Thanks to all who e-mailed or comment on my blog to send your support and encouragement. I am feeling better about the situation now. And not just because of the kind words. The swelling is down, the clicking is definitely less noticeable, and there is virtually no pain. To make me feel even better, we got our SERC singlets today. They look so cool, I know they must have magical healing and speed powers.

I will try a run tomorrow, probably a five or six miles, and if all goes well, I'll know that I am going to be OK for that race in Massachusetts.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear it's improving.

So, I'm just changing the equation a little,

"No Run + No Fun = A better chance to get Boston done!


duchossois said...

You're equation is better, but it has me thinking. How about this:
(Fun-Run)/Pain * Circumference of Swollen Knee = Boston (-Pain)

Anonymous said...

Ok........but mine rhymes!

Besides, everyone knows that you can't include circumference of knee without factoring in circumference of brain, too.


DaisyDuc said...

Guess I was not the only one trying on the sweet Southeast Club singlets just to see how they look on the body!

Hope today's run goes well for ya!

E-Speed said...

Oooh I like the yellow under the singlet. I may have to get yellow arm warmers for Boston!

Just rest up this week. Nothing you do will get you back in better shape, but it might aggravate that knee. Boston is all about the experience. The crowds will get you to the finish for sure. Unfortunately arriving to Boston with injuries is all too common, especially for those of us training in the midwest.

I am glad the knee is feeling better and the limping is down. Just keep it that way this week!