Friday, April 25, 2008

Groovin'...on a sunny afternoon

The beautiful weather continues. Yesterday was sunny and in the high 60's. I ran a 6 mile out and back on the canal tow path from Frazee house to the Brecksville Station. Nice and flat, perfect for a recovery run. Today, feeling stronger, I ran and out and back starting at Kichler, going down into the valley then along the tow path north to the museum. The hills were more of a test, but I felt fine. Looking good for a few longer runs this weekend. And maybe, only maybe, I will consider running the Cleveland Marathon in three weeks.

The warm weather has finally arrived. The stress of training for Boston is behind me. These last two runs have been enjoyable. I was so focused on Boston, and fighting my way through the injuries, and the awful Cleveland winter, I had forgotent how pleasant a run can be. I've been reading about a phenomena called 'Post Marathon Depression', which apparently affect many runners. I think I am on a 'Post Marathon High', because everything is wonderful.

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