Sunday, April 27, 2008

Good Weekend

Since Boston, the recovery week has gone as follows:
Wednesday 4.5 miles
Weak, slow, and embarrassing first three miles. Weak, a bit less slow final 1.5 miles. Surprisingly, very tolerable aching in quads. Knee and Achilles also tolerable.
Thursday 6.0 miles
Slow, but feeling better. Stride feeling closer to normal as I loosen up.
Friday 6.0 miles
A little less slow...very far from fast...stride not quite right yet.
Saturday 7.15 miles
A bit faster, but not what you would mistake for actual speed.
Sunday 10.00 miles
7:41 pace for 10 miles. Fast is beginning to look possible again.

I just received an e-mail which cited my finish relative to the other runners in the race. I am really pleased because the Boston qualification standards insure that this race has only very good runners.

Official Finish: 3:16:55
Place Overall: 3624 of 21963
I finished ahead of 84% of the runners who finished the race.
Place Men: 3305 of 13028
I finished ahead of 75% of the men who finished the race.
Place Veterans 50-59: 212 of 2800
I finished ahead of 91% of the runners in my age group who finished the race.

Are you kidding me? I kicked ass.




I remember one of my first Boston's with Kam.
He woke up on race day and the first thing he said to me was. "Heartbreak NOT Today"
Actions speak louder than words.
Who trains and who doesn't shows on race day.

Papa Louie said...

Congratulations on your strong finish!