Sunday, May 4, 2008


This morning started ominously. At 5:30, the skies were gray and a cold wind was blowing from the north. I wore my long sleeve Boston Marathon 2008 shirt and another under it, but still felt under dressed. I drove by and dropped a Gatorade at the 9 mile mark, then parked at the plaza to meet up with the group. The few early arrivers were trying to keep from shivering. Paul Romanic, Steve Hawthorne, and I decided to do a few warm-up laps That seemed to help, and when the group eventually got started, I felt alright.
It was an odd day Normally, we go out slow (except for Eileen who has only one speed). Typically the first mile is at around 7:50 pace, but today we were uner 7:00. I blame Wyatt who shot at of the gate like he was running the Kentucky Derby. I caught Eileen, and we agreed to keep a more reasonable pace. We ran the rest of the morning together.
At about the 8 mile mark, the skies began to clear, and the sun broke through. By 10 miles, the sun had won the battle, and the clouds were beating a retreat. It made for perfect running conditions. We finished 14 miles, and met up with the rest of the group at the bagel shop.
The day kept getting better. When I got home, I watched the first half of Liverpool v. Man City, a relatively meaningless game as neither team could change their fate, although City will definitely sack the manager. (Sven, we hardly knew ye.) The future looks bright for Liverpool, especially with the young Torres. So at the half, I turned it off and we went to Lowes to buy landscaping needs.

We scored a real bargain, finding a two year old Cleveland Select Pair tree for only ten dollars. I dug hole about two feet in diameter by about two feet deep, added some better quality soil, and planted it at the back, near the patio. After that, I cleaned the patio, retrieved the sun umbrellas and lounge chairs from the shed, and generally set everything right for the outdoor season.

That done, I fetched the radio, PC, and a beer (Sierra Nevada Pale Ale which I highly recommend as one of the best domestic pale ales.) I planted my butt in a lounge chair, turned on the game, and sipped at my ale, and started updating my blog. That's where I am now, on a gorgeous, sunny, warm, spring Sunday afternoon in Solon, Ohio. Here is the view from my perspective.

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What a perfect way to enjoy the afternoon!!!!