Thursday, April 24, 2008

On the road to recovery

Too bad none of you were around to see me when I started my run yesterday; you missed a good laugh. I was so stiff and tight, I looked like Mr. Burns from the Simpsons. The first three miles were not graceful, but after that I began to loosen-up. It was very encouraging for two reasons. First, my problem areas, left knee and right Achilles, were not painful. Further, I actually pushed the pace up for the last two miles. With that little run successfully done, I am confident that I can proceed with my recovery.

Elizabeth sent a link to some of her photos, and I have included one of them below. This was taken on Commonwealth Avenue at Glocester, the afternoon after the race. In front is Elizabeth. Middle row left to right is: Steve, Dawn, Dave, Janet, Wayne, and Kam. In the back is: Mark, me, and Tim.

As I said yesterday, I have been overwhelmed with all of the support. I forgot to mention that when I returned home on Tuesday, there was a huge fruit basket which my parents had sent. I got another surprise yesterday. My coworkers had a little get together to congratulate me...I don't deserve all of this. They ordered a cake in the same colors as the ribbon and medal, and put my finishing time on it.

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E-Speed said...

Did anyone else notice that Boston chose SERC colors for the medals this year? Coincidence? ;)

Man we are a good looking group!

Revel in your victory for as long as you can. It is amazing how quickly the glory fades until the next race. I always try to stretch it out as long as possible!