Friday, April 18, 2008

Great Day in Boston

Sue and I flew into Boston today, arriving at Logan a bit after 9:00 AM, took the trains (Blue to Green) and got to our quaint, boutique hotel by 10:30 AM.
We checked in, dropped our bags, and walked to the Expo to pick up my chip, bib, etc. The place was incredibly busy, but great fun. I bought a 2008 Boston Marathon jacket and a tech shirt (featured in a photo to follow.) We noshed on the various free samples of different power bars, snack foods, sports drinks, etc. I went to the Nike exhibit where I took advantage of the free stride analysis. Surprisingly, I had always thought I was a strictly neutral runner, but the video clearly revealed a clear pronation, not excessive but definitely evident. They recommended appropriate shoes, but they were not offering any deals, so I didn't buy them. About a half-hour later, we found a vendor selling discounted shoes, and I found the exact shoe the Nike analysis had recommended, for $40, less than half the price at the Nike shop.

After we finished at the Expo, we stopped for a beer and split a turkey sandwich at an Irish pub on Boyleston. We eventually made it back to to our place, and after unpacking and looking over all the stuff in the goody bag, I went for a very short (4 mile) run. I cruised by the Phoenix Landing, just to be verify where it is located. We're going there tomorrow morning at 7:30 AM to watch Arsenal v Reading. When I got back, Sue and I went for a walk over the Mass Ave bridge to Cambridge. Note the tres chic Boston Marathon shirt.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great description. Sounds like a good start to Boston. Have fun at the football match!


Anonymous said...

So you rode on the T and went for a run (thru the streets?) and survived. Congrats. Red lights in Boston are just a suggestion to the taxis and others.
I'm taking the under for your 3:15 time.
Good Luck