Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Come on Knee...Bend but Don't Break

After three days of hobbling around without bending my right knee, I contacted Dr. Susan Joy (with a name like that, I couldn’t not got to her), an Orthopedist at the Cleveland Clinic. After reviewing the x-rays and completing her examination, she told me the following.
  • Both knees are showing wear, and actually the left knee looks slightly worse than the right. (So I guess I should be happy that the left doesn’t hurt, right?)
  • There is no indication of a meniscus tear, but initial, minor tears are not necessarily visible on x-rays.
  • Keep icing the knee to bring down the swelling.(She offered to prescribe an anti-inflammatory, but…well…you know my aversion to drugs.)
  • Do not run for a week. (I have had no taper. I have gone from peak training miles to full stop.)
  • Low-impact aerobic work is acceptable (an elliptical machine would be OK).
  • If there is no increase in the pain, swelling, and clicking by race day, I am clear to run Boston.
  • Have plenty of ice ready for after the race, and make an appointment for a return to the clinic. I will need it.
All of that said, I am going to remain positive. I will run Boston this year. As a bonus, I already have a new goal for next year. Be prepared and healthy for Boston, and run it faster.

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Steve Stenzel said...

I'm with ya about the pills. BEST OF LUCK with the knee!!!