Friday, April 11, 2008

Sometimes Doctor's Orders Are Only Suggestions

I know…I know… two days ago the doctor told me no running for at least a week. And that was my plan. This morning, I was going to do 45 minutes on the elliptical machine at work. I got to work, changed clothes, and was heading up the stairs to the workout room when I stopped. I changed my mind and decided to go out for a run. It not that I want to jeopardize Boston, it is because I respect Boston, and I don't want to go into that race badly unprepared. I need to run. If I push me knee over the edge and cannot do the marathon, then I'll accept that as a risk I chose to take. But if I can run, for at least one of my two taper weeks, I might regain some of what I worked so hard to build. I'd rather take that chance.

I did six miles, averaging 8:14 . Not much of a pace overall, but I started very cautiously, very slowly. No problems in the first mile. I expected after nearly a week without running that my Achilles would be much better, but it started complaining early in mile 2. At least my knee did not seem to get any worse as I ran. Once I developed a bit of confidence that the knee was holding up, I picked up the pace. The last two miles were in the 7:20 range, nothing to brag about, but in the marathon pace zone. I’ve been alternating ice on my knee and Achilles since returning. I’d have to say that if I can keep the pain in this range, I will keep running.

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About Wyatt said...

Frank, hang in there. You've trained hard for Boston and you'll be ready for a great race. Being banged up now and then is part of running. In 2006, my hip was in bad shape but I got through Boston OK and within a month re-qualified for Boston at Cleveland. Don't let this knee problem get you down! Tomorrow is a new day.