Thursday, March 20, 2008

Well....that was stupid.

Yesterday (Wednesday), I started work early, had not a moment's break, had meetings stacked all morning, through lunch, and all afternoon, so there was no time to run. Finally, about 4:30 PM, I saw an opportunity. We reached a transition point in the working session, and I announced that I had to leave early. I was gone from the room before there were any objections.
I thought I would do one of my usual routes around work, then shower and drive home. but instead I decided to run home from work. I've never tried this before, but I had been thinking about it. I didn't know how bad the weather had turned; the last time I was outside was 6:00 AM and it was looking like a nice day. I did have a rain shell, but no gloves or hat, and only shorts.
When I started, it was a bit messy, rain and sleet, but that very soon changed to snow... and sleet. I managed to keep my socks dry for about two miles, after which both shoes were filled with ice water. My hands went from cold, to very cold, to painfully cold, to 'I have no feelings in my hands' cold. By the time I got home (about 11 miles), I couldn't get my fingers to work, so Sue was nice enough to untie my shoes. As I slowly warmed, I began to feel nauseous,... not sure why. That lasted for about an hour or so, but it was still better to be warm and nauseous than frozen.
Good news: If my left calf was hurting, I couldn't tell.

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E-Speed said...

At least someone got in their 11 miles yesterday! I got to the park and suffered through 4 miles of running in snow heels and gave up. Apparently I only have so many days where I can take the madness of winter!

Hoping for a better run tonight!