Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Package from the BAA

Received a package from Boston Athletic Association in the mail today. It contained my bib pick-up card and the Welcome booklet, shown above. Although the image of the trophy on the cover of the booklet is nice, I am still not sure why they chose not to use one of the several excellent photos of me which I graciously sent to them for that purpose. Maybe they are saving those for the post race press releases. Yeah, that's probably it.

I decided at the last minute to join the group at Lock 29 this morning. It was a strange run. We started with about a dozen in the group, running north along the trail. When we got to Red Lock, Steve turned and started up Highland Road, but Mark wanted to keep going to follow the Buckeye Trail. Half the group went with Steve, the other half with Mark. I stayed with Mark's group mostly because I was talking with Paul, and he stayed with Mark. (Paul had done nine miles earlier in the morning, and wasn't feeling too good.) When Mark's group turned to run up the carriage trail, Paul said he wasn't up to it, and I stayed with him as we continued on the tow path toward the Brecksville station. We turned there, and headed back, and were joined by Tom and Carson, who had also split from Mark's group after we did. In the end, Paul and I did about 14 miles together.

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