Thursday, March 20, 2008

Breaking News!!!

A breaking story from the Duchossois Blog News Team:
This just in. The
Boston Athletic Association has issued bib #8252 to Frank Duchossois. This prestigious and highly sought after number has been worn in the past by luminaries of the Boston Marathon, most recently by none less than Gregg Layer of Fairport, New York in 2007 (3:14:47) and Emily Norton of Fort Worth, Texas in 2006 (3:17:32). When reached for comment, Frank brashly asserted that he would, without question, beat the times of both of these legendary runners.

I was curious when I received my bib#, so I checked the results of past years to see who had worn that number and how they fared. I could only find the last two years available on line, and the individuals and times cited above are from those results. Among my goals for the race, I have added being best runner to wear #8252, ever (or at least in the last three years.)

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Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, you may run faster but I'll bet you can't kiss a napkin like Emily Norton!