Monday, March 31, 2008

March Training Summary

Reading E-Speed's blog and seeing the remarkable March total of 245 miles (Congrats E-Speed!!) piqued my curiosity, so I checked my log and found that I had totaled 250 miles in March. We both have been training very hard for Boston, and I have been inspired by E-Speeds dedication and toughness.

Today, per my training plan, I did a soft five mile recovery run at lunch, with a few hills but nothing challenging. I never felt loose or comfortable, but I do feel better now for having run. The plan calls for speed work tomorrow, and a group from the club will meet at the local high school track. Will I make it? Ask me late tomorrow afternoon. I intended to wait until the last possible minute to see if I feel up to it. I know that I could use a few more speed sessions before Boston, but I cannot ignore that fact that my injuries have followed speed and racing days.

More excitement...our SERC team singlets have been ordered. All of the members of the Boston team will be wearing them. Yesterday, I saw a sample and they look good. The SERC logo will look very sharp on these shirts. As soon as I receive mine, I will post a photo.


solarsquirrel said...

Did you make it to the track? I'm glad I did mine at lunch yesterday - much better weather!

duchossois said...

Ummm...well...I did make it to the track on Tuesday, but I didn't actually do any intervals. I really do suck, badly.