Sunday, March 16, 2008

Left leg pain...cut short my planned 20 miler today

I've got my left leg up on my desk as I type this, with an ice pack wrapped around my upper calf. I have pain about 3 inches below my knee, on the outside. I'll be moving it to the lower part of the same leg soon, where the pain is about 3 inches above my ankle, on the inside. I've identified the pain locations high-lighted in yellow in the illustration. Both places have been giving me some pain recently, but after the race yesterday, and the extra miles after, my leg was achy. This morning, I was out running at 6:45, trying to get an extra eight in before the group run at 8:00, but my pace was so slow I managed only 6.5 miles. The pain was worrying me, and after running and talking with Elaine for a while, I took her advice, listened to the pain, and broke off the run for a total of 13.3 miles. Very disappointing since I needed to do 20, but I am planning to try for a make up long run mid-week if my leg can handle it.

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