Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Good Weekend...sorta

I managed 36.5 miles , 14 miles on Saturday and 22.5 miles on Sunday, which is good but Sunday was 1.5 miles short of my target. I set out to do 24, getting out before 6:30 AM so I could get 11 early miles before running 12 with the group, then one more mile home to get my 24. I was trying out a new pair of Mizuno Alchemy 6 shoes that I bought on Saturday. I loved my Wave Riders, but I am not familiar with Alchemy. I took a chance since they were in the close-out rack. Mistake. After the first few miles, I was feeling pain in my arch, plantar faciitis type pain, so I decided to circle back and change shoes. The result was four very slow miles initially, plus, while I was home, I made another trip to the can. All added to a slower than expected start.

Despite all of that, I thought I had done a bit more than 10 miles by the time I joined the 8:00 AM group at the Solon Square plaza, but apparently I had misread the display on my Garmin. Sooooooo, when I got back to the plaza after our group 12, I found I had only done 20 miles. Further, my Achilles was telling me it could do one more mile, not four more. My Achilles and I negotiated, and we decided to split the difference, so I did two and a half more miles for 22.5 total. Of course, my part of the agreement with my Achilles was that I would keep him iced for the rest of the day. I've kept my word. (I am icing him now.)

I needed something to take my mind off the physical pain, and by coincidence I happened to have an equivalent mental anguish waiting for me. I spent the next four hours working on our federal, state, and local income tax returns. I finished all by 3:00 PM, just in time for a great lasagna dinner, followed by Boston Cream pie, all prepared from scratch by Sue. (Go Sue!) She invited the neighbors over, we ate, then watched some of the NCAA action.

It was a painful weekend, but I got lots of good work done.


E-Speed said...

Just be nice to that achilles now! Great job today. That's one heckuva long run!

E-Speed said...

ps anytime you want to inviet me over for Boston Cream pie you just say the word ;)

Papa Louie said...

The Wave Riders have been treating me well for the past few years. I'd be leary do try something else.
Take care of that achilles ache.