Monday, March 17, 2008

No Running Today

I did not pack my running gear today. I wanted to be sure that I could not run today, even if I decided later that I wanted to try. The pain is no better than yesterday. I brought two ice packs to work, so I can use one while the other is in the freezer recharging. I have my upped calf wrapped, not too tight but moderate compression.
Looks like a beautiful day for a run. The sun is shining now. Can I reschedule this injury for another time?


Papa Louie said...

Frank, Congratulations on your 5 mile PR at Malachi. Sounds like you need a recovery week to give your leg some healing. Stay on the ice and you'll be back at your training for Boston. Have a good week.

Lilsis said...

Glad Sue sent along the link. Sorry to hear you're hurtin' but it sounds like you're doing what you have to now to get back to training as quickly but safely as you can. I'll be checking in frequently.

P.S. No running in your work clothes!