Saturday, March 15, 2008

St. Malachi 2008

I was undecided about running this one, as I need to get more miles in before Boston which is only 5 weeks away, and this is only a five miler. Then Mark e-mailed and invited anyone who wanted to join him, to run the race route before the race, then run the race, then tag another 7 or so after, totaling 17 or 18 miles. I needed another race, plus this would add the extra miles, so it was an easy decision. It turned out to be the right decision. It was a good day, and I managed a PR of 32:19, which is a 6:28 pace.

Thanks Elizabeth, for cheering us on and taking photos like this one. Great vantage point with the flats in the background.

A group of us (Kam, Steve, Dave, and Marc, and Mark) went to Mark's office after, got a quick tour of AdCom (quite impressive), and got some breakfast/lunch at Shay's on 40th and St. Clair. While we ate, Kam and Mark explained to the rest of us why we are so slow. ;-)

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E-Speed said...

I think i am going to enjoy reading your blog already! The last line cracked me up!

Great job at Malachi, sorry to hear that the calf and knee are not up to par right now. Hopefully the ice and day off will get them feeling better!