Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Speed work...only slower

I am supposed to be tapering for the Cleveland Marathon this week, but I didn't want to blow-off the Tuesday speed work entirely, so I decided to do my 3 x 1 mile intervals, but run them about 10 seconds per mile slower. That worked well enough, with the miles timing at 6:08, 6:15, and 6:10. With three miles of warm-up, 1/4 mile recovery between miles, and a mile of cool-down, it came out to about 7.75 miles. Seems unnecessary to say my left knee and right Achilles were hurting, so I won't.

Today (Wednesday), I did an easy 7 on the tow path. I'll run Thursday and Friday, then take a day off before the race on Sunday. I am not feeling the energy that I had for Boston. Several people have asked me about my target, and I don't now how to answer. I suppose, given the flatter course, I should be shooting for a personal best around 3:15. Maybe before the start of the race, I should decide on my plan and my pace. Or not.

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