Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fast Frank, Freakin' Flying

It's Tuesday, time for intervals at the track. Remember how bad my Achilles hurt last week? (You did read my post last week, right?) This time I was more careful. I got there early and ran some warm-up laps before Mark and Steve, then Wayne arrived. I did about 3 miles of warm-up and felt good. I stretched for about 5 minutes, then did my stride-outs before the first speed mile.

I was determined to have a more productive session this time, so I swore I would not go out too fast...so I went out too fast on the first lap. I adjusted, and finished with a rather remarkable 5 minute 50 second mile. I cannot remember the last time I had a mile that fast. After a 400 yard cool down, we started the second mile. I knew my second mile would never be as fast as that first one. I was thinking 6:05, but I managed a 5:57. With consecutive sub 6 minute miles, I had to try to run the last one under 6. After a 400 yard recovery, we started the third mile. I ran four very even laps and finished at 5:56. Three consecutive miles in the 5:50's. That hasn't happened in a few years.The Achilles and knee were both complaining, but I chose to ignore them and let them argue between themselves. I did about a mile and a half of cool down, then hit the shower.


solarsquirrel said...

Very impressive track workout! I was boozing it up w/ the girls and slacked!

E-Speed said...

Just don't push that achilles and knee too much! Nice track workout!

DaisyDuc said...

Go Flash!!!!

Hope you achilles and knee quit complaining all the dang time!

Anonymous said...

I think I recognize that outfit....didn't you wear that for Halloween when you were six?

Congrats on your great times!