Monday, May 26, 2008

This Just In...Frank CAN Run Negative Splits

I've run the Blossom Time 5.25 miler the past three years, but yesterday morning, I was planning to sit it out. I thought I'd ride my new bike to Chagrin Falls, hang out and cheer for my fellow SERC runners, and eat some greasy fries.

Once I arrived in Chagrin Falls, I met Eileen from the club, and she asked if I was running. I said I wasn't sure. She laughed and said, 'You're running.' She was right. I registered, got my number, and did a little (very little) warm-up and a little (very little) stretching. I ran into and talked with lots of SERC runners including: E-speed, Solar, Daisy, Mark, Steve Hawthorne*,
Wyatt, Jeff, Joe, and others. I made it to the start within a few minutes of the start and managed to weasel a place at the front of the pack by sidling up to Wyatt and Steve. After a stirring rendition of the national anthem, the gun sounded.

I had decided to try to run a smart race, just like a decide before every race. I wanted to keep a 6:30/mi. pace to see if I could actually have something in the tank for the finish. The first mile was slightly up hill, and remarkably I hit the mile marker at exactly 6:30. Then I hit the second mile at 13:09, a 6:39 pace. I missed the target by 9 seconds, but that was a very hilly mile, and I miscalculated a bit, rather than indicating that I was fading. I was running hard, but not crazy hard. I think they call it 'under control'. Thanks to that, I was able to take advantage of the downhill in the next mile, which I completed in 6:14. Mile four was undulating, and I completed it in 6:22, and I still felt like there was gas in the tank. I ran the last 1.25 miles in 7.45, a 6:12 pace. I really did it! I ran a negative split in a race. I'd heard it was possible, but I never believe it. Even more incredible, I took first in my division, and come home with a very nice plaque. It was another good day for SERC runners, with many placing or winning in their divisions.

* Steve Hawthorne: Steve asked me why I always refer to him as Steve H. in my blog. I told him that, as a rule, bloggers refer to people by their blogger names, or first names, or initials. He said he was disappointed because he wanted the recognition and publicity. I told him that, from now on I would not only use his full name, but would include a flattering image of his smiling face


E-Speed said...

Love the photo of Steve, that is hilarious. I think from now on I will include that image when referring to him too ;)

Great job yesterday Frank! I am glad that you finally got to feel the effects of a negative split! Much more fun way to run!

Now I am craving more vinegar fries though!

Steve Hawthorne said...

Love it frank, does my head really look that big????

duchossois said...

Steve, you're head is not that big, but your teeth do gleam like that.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the great run! Are you sure you didn't use that new bike for even a teensy-weensy part of the course?


duchossois said...

LilSis, Rather than drive, I did ride my bike to and from the race, but they wouldn't let me on the course with it. It sure was tough riding my bike home holding that gigantic trophy that I won. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Sure. Bragging about your giant trophy again. Didn't Mom have a little talk with you about that?


Steve Stenzel said...

Nice job!!! Way to run!!

Wyatt said...

Frank: You are awesome! Nice job at Blossom. You are now doing crazy things with your running and personify the SERC way. We don't believe in recovery. We just race. Way to go!