Sunday, May 18, 2008

Cleveland Marathon Quick Update

I'm back from the race, and it did not turn out to be a 'Mistake by the Lake'. I finished at 3:14:59, which is a new personal record. I did not manage to run a steady race, once again going out too fast, but this time not quite so crazy fast, and the flatter course allowed me to get away with it. Here are the mile by mile pace numbers, the rest of the story will have to wait. we're heading to Barb's for the after race party.

Mile Pace/Mi
1 7.10
2 6.51
3 7.23
4 7.02
5 6.40
6 7.09
7 6.55
8 7.09
9 7.15
10 7.18
11 7.11
12 7.00
13 7.09
14 7.18
15 7.34
16 7.38
17 7.28
18 7.25
19 7.35
20 7.29
21 7.34
22 7.36
23 7.48
24 8.06
25 7.53
26 7.24
26. 2 7.21


Wyatt said...

Frank, you ran a hell of a race at Cleveland. To have a strong Boston and then a strong Cleveland, battling injuries along the way, says a lot about you as a person and runner. Congrats on a great Cleveland. You have got to be on the inside track for the Don Stanley Runner of the Year Award. Rest up and get ready for the Buckeye 50K, where you'll have lots of fun, trust me......... Aim for a time of sub-5.

Greg On the Run said...

Welcome to the Complete Running Network Blog Family. You'll find others dropping by to say hello.

Great job in Mistake by the Lake. One day I'll run that fast!

Graham said...

Frank, what a great run. Been enjoying reading your blog since Boston...keep up all the great work and know that you are an inspiration!

E-Speed said...

nice job Frank! Now take it easy for a week (or 6!)

solarsquirrel said...

Amazing race, Frank. Congratulations!