Friday, May 9, 2008

Only Good News Today

First and most important, congratulations to Wyatt (There Are No Limits) and Anne on the birth of healthy, happy baby Noah today. According to Wyatt,
"He is 20.25 inches long and 7 lbs., 13 oz. and a completely healthy, happy little baby boy. He has a cute little dimpled chin, long eyelashes, and lots of hair, which he'd better enjoy while it lasts. He's a Hornsby, after all!"

I believe I do see something of a resemblance.

(Wyatt, this is what happens when you don't send a photo of the baby with your e-mail. I am left to my own imagination...and Photoshop.)

In less important news, I followed-up my intervals on Tuesday with a moderate paced 6.5 miles on Wednesday. On Thursday, I had intended to run a 6 mile tempo run, at my target for Cleveland, about 7:15 mile pace. My mile splits were as follow: 7.03, 7.03, 7.00, 6.57, 6.54, 6.58. The pace overall was 6:58. Although I wouldn't claim my recovery from Boston is complete, I absolutely feel stronger. Look out Cleveland!

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E-Speed said...

someone definitely has too much time on his hands!

Nice tempo run!