Friday, May 15, 2009

One Day Until Cleveland: Yes, I Am Ready

Sue and I drove down to the Convention Center for the Cleveland Marathon Expo this morning. We got there right as it opened at 11:00. Sue's sister Lisa had volunteered, and was working the check-in. We talked with her, picked up my bib, then wandered around the expo. Its a smaller expo but there is a good collection of running gear, clothes, and food vendors, along with lots of other marathons trying to get runners to sign up. We saw quite a few of the SERC crew there. A group of us cornered Bill Rodgers and had him telling us stories of the old days when American runners used to win American marathons (He has won NY and Boston 4 times each!).  He also talked about staying competitive as a masters runner.  I listened attentively to everything he said.  Here is a photo of (4th from left), surrounded by us.

I bought a pair of race shorts with pockets in the back for gel and electrolytes and whatever.  Now I can pack a few extra, just to be sure I have enough. Other than that, there were not many deals, or maybe I wasn't in the mood to buy. I did have an interesting talk with the Race Director for the Akron Marathon, Jim Barnett.   We talked about Boston, and he asked about my target time for Cleveland.  Then he offered me an 'Invited Runner' position for the Akron Marathon. Basically, invited runners are comp the registration fee and given a few perks like a place to relax before and after the race with massages, drinks, etc.  All very nice. Of course, I accepted and will be running Akron on September 26th.  


I want to take a moment to thank my family for their wonderful support of my running adventures. On Thursday, I receive a delivery from MarathonPhoto. Everyone had chipped in and bought me one of those classy looking plaques with engraved legend and a photo of me running down Boyleston toward the finish. Thanks to Sue, Andy, Alex, Sharon, Lisa, Sandy and Jeff, Mom and Dad, Georgeann and Phil and Kathryn, Brian and Jo, and Earl and Lin. THANKS!

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EbethS said...

Frank, that is really a special gift from your family but I guess the greatest gift is that they really get it/understand/support your running.

Good luck and have fun tomorrow.