Sunday, May 10, 2009

Six Days to Cleveland

Weekly Training Summary
Unseasonably cool temperatures and lack of sunshine aside, it's been a good week. I'll dispense with the usual day-by-day narrative this week, mostly because I am bored with the monotony of "On Monday I...then on Tuesday I..then on Wednesday I..." The daily mileage totals are as noted to the right, and the total for the the week was 67 miles. I did a my speed work, but opted for 800's at around 2:47 - 2:50 pace, rather than my usual 1 mile repeats. My legs are still not back to 100%, but getting closer. The Saturday trail run was the most fun I had all week. Splashing through creeks is much more pleasant in May than in December.

Cleveland Goal - Strategy
My goal for Cleveland is 2:58, which is a 6:47/mile pace. Cleveland being a relatively flat course, I'll try for a fairly even pace through-out. See my wrist band at left for target times for each mile.  I'll be taking electrolytes (Endurolyte) every half-hour to prevent the cramps that cost me minute or so in Boston. I'll take a Hammer gel at mile 12 and another at mile 18. I'll take a vivarin at around mile 19 or 20, depending on how I feel.
I am disappointed that I have not been able to locate any information on the marathon website regarding tracking runners during the race. If I find out that this service is available , I will post the link here on my blog before Sunday.

Dancing Machine
Against all reason, I tried to get into the spirit of the post-marathon party in Boston by dancing. Thankfully, this was only captured in still photos. Video of this would have gone viral in hours, and I would have had to change my identity and move to different continent.  

Barb and I groovin', old-school, showin gthe kids how it's done.

Amie looking for anyone else to dance with. I can't explain the expression on my face.

What am I doing here?


EbethS said...

Good luck in Cleveland and have fun, hopefully the change in course direction make it a much pleasant run
by the lake.
Won't comment on your dancing moves but at least you are a happy dancer.:)

Anonymous said...

Like the new banner ! (But I kinda miss the 'wave' from the old one)


solarsquirrel said...

Please, Frank. You're fun to dance with - you're not a sweaty disgusting drunk mess trying to hump me - which is how most guys are when dancing.