Sunday, June 15, 2008

Trail Weekend: Part Deux

The Buckeye Trail 50k is organized and sponsored by Vertical Runner, and they hold familiarization runs along different sections of the trail every Sunday for the six weeks before the race. This morning, about twenty-five runners gathered at the Jaite trail head and ran an out-and-back to Boston Mills store, 10.85 miles. It was not as muddy as yesterday, thanks to 24 sunny, rain-free hours. Most of the runners were experienced trail runners, but there was a mix of ability levels, so the group broke into many different little clusters. I ran for a while with Vince and his dog Dex, and Steve Hawthorne. Steve tripped on a root and stumbled (or so he says) and grabbed Vince's butt to keep from falling. Steve then reported that Vince's butt was '...really firm'. Later, at the rest room, Vince asked Steve to '...hold this while I take a pi55'. He claimed to be referring to the leash for Dex the dog. After that, I started running with a different group.

After we finished the BT run, I added another 9 miles on the tow path, on my own, to bring me over 20 miles for the morning. I kept a moderate pace, although the last mile was a bit slow. I was really about done in by then. I got to my car, sucked down an Endurox recovery drink, and drove home. Sue had an asparagus and mushroom quiche ready for me (very nice), which I washed down with a couple glasses of water. Right now, I'm sitting on the patio with my notebook, updating my blog and listening to the Indians game on the radio. I'll be going in the house in a little while to watch the Switzerland v. Portugal and Check Republic V. Turkey Euro 2008 matches. The Portugal v. Switzerland match is meaningless as Portugal is already guaranteed to advance to the next round and Switzerland has already been eliminated, but the Check Rep. v. Turkey match should be good as the winner will advance and the loser will go home.

We ran this section of the Buckeye trail today.

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E-Speed said...

Only 10.85, bummer that dang trail keeps getting shorter and shorter every time I run it!

My right achilles was screaming at me so I called it a day. Got home to see that it is bruised over. No clue what I did. Hoping today off will be enough to get me back out running :)

Way to go back out there and get in 20!