Saturday, June 21, 2008

On the Trails with the Flirty Old Ladies

As I write, the Mohican 100 Mile runners are into their 7th hour. With so many of a Saturday group either running or assisting, only three of us showed up at Lock 29 this morning, Andy R., Dustin (a 17 year old who is new to the group), and I. We started by running Pine Lane trail, connecting to the tow path near Boston Mills. We ran north on the tow path to the Carriage Trail, then ran around Brandywine Falls, and back, about 12 miles at a very easy pace. That was just about right since I don't want to dragging for the 22 miles I plan for tomorrow.

The weather was beautiful, which means the trails we busy, at least by trail standards. We encountered more runners and hikers than I ever remember, and many of them were quite chatty. We passed a couple of, how shall I say, senior women, and they were actually flirty. They said some very nice things about Andy and I as we passed, commenting on our legs and other parts. I told Andy, I've always been a hit with the under ten and over sixty females. Its true, kids and old ladies love me. I'll leave it to someone else to analyze that.

Earlier this week, I had a good day at the track on Tuesday, managing mile times of 5:51, 5:58, and 5:53. With warm-up and cool-down, I did about 7 miles total. Wednesday was an easy-paced 8 miles in the valley. On Thursday, I biked the 26 mile round trip to work and back. On Friday, I did an 8 mile tempo run.

Sunday was another Vertical Runner Buckeye Trail familiarization run. The group run was only about 8 and a half miles, from Boston Mill store along the Pine Lane trail to Peninsula, and back. I met-up with Kurt and Christina from SERC, and we ran together for a while after, with Christina doing about three miles with us, then Kurt and I doing the Old Carriage Trail together. Kurt turned back after that, and I continued north to Brecksville Station, then headed back to bring my total to 22 miles.

**27 Days Until the Buckeye Trail 50k **


DaisyDuc said...

Glad those ladies were having fun out there and making you guys blush at the same time. Running just brings out all the fun!

Those are some friggin awesome repeat times! Sounds like you got in one heck of a good Buckeye 50K training it is my turn!

Papa Louie said...

But aren't they (10 and over 60) the quitest ladies?