Sunday, June 1, 2008

Feels like summer...finally

If you live in northeast Ohio, or a place likewise meteorologically challenging, it might seem that summer will never arrive. I am no longer amused by the freezing mornings, the cold, wet rainy days, and the sunless sky. Finally, over the last few days, our fortunes have turned, and summer weather has arrived.

Thursday: 8 Mile Tempo
From work, I ran down into the valley, along the tow path south to Route 82 and back. The overall pace was 7:30 mile, with a 6:59 and a 6:43 mixed in to compensate for the steep ascent from the valley which always knocks down my average time.

Friday: 7 Miles around Independence
I tried a new route, looping around the Independence recreation center, then through downtown and down the big hill to Rockside road, then back to Kichler. I kept an easy pace, around 7:45ish.

Saturday: 13.5 Miles around Independence
Before the run, I reminded Steve that last week, we did only 9.78 miles, the first time I remember ever doing less than 10 on a Saturday. Apparently, the need to make up for that, combined with the fact that a couple of new, young guys joined us, motivated Steve to take us on truly challenging run. We went out at a fast pace, and kept it up all day. We ran a really difficult course, covering some of the Buckeye Trail. The hills were steep, the ground was muddy, and we were working very hard. I didn't wear my Garmin, but Paul R. did, so I've asked him to send me the stats. I believe his Garmin said about 12 miles, but he told me he inadvertently turned it off and missed about a mile and a half.

Sunday: 15 Miles
After Saturday, I was hoping for a nice, long, slow run on Sunday. It didn't quite work out that way, although it was a good run. I ran a slow couple of miles before the group started. I ended up running the following mile splits, mostly with E-speed.

  • 7.53 Just warming up as we ran down Solon Blvd.
  • 7.13 What?! Where did that come from? I thought this was long, slow, run-day Sunday.
  • 7.05 What the hell, I guess we're not going slow after all.
  • 7.08 This is just silly.
  • 7.17 I really just wanted to cover some easy miles today.
  • 7.20 Alright already, can we get a drink and ease up a bit.
  • 7.53 That's more like it. And its all uphill for the next three miles.
  • 8.50 E-speed and I split off from the group and ran through the woods.
  • 9.15 More of the trails, more uphill, slowing taking the pace down.
  • 10.08 OK, I know it is the steepest part of the trail, this is a bit too slow.
  • 7.42 Over the crest, out of the woods, and heading downhill on Route 91.
  • 7.59 Backing off the throttle as we come through Solon.
  • 7.58 Decided to keep going south on Route 91.
  • 7.59 Home again, home again, jiggity-jig.
After a quick shower, I hopped on the bike and rode up to the bagel shop to catch up with the rest of the SERC folks for a little nosh. Then rode around town, stopped in the bike shop and bought rear-view mirror which I mounted on the handle bar. I decided that I need this, since I am wary of things approaching from behind. Here is what it looks like.


Steve Hawthorne said...

lol....dude you are soooooooo funny!!!!!

E-Speed said...

Thanks for the laugh Frank! And thanks for keeping me company. I was toast after the first 6 miles.

Chef Bill Bailey said...

I'll have to send you the pictures I have of Steve H. posing with the Cavs cheerleaders.