Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's Downhill to Boston from Here

My packet from the BAA arrived on Saturday.  See the number pick-up card above.  I have been so focused on the system project I've been on the go-live of the system project I've been on for 18 months, I have not had much chance to think about Boston.  We went live on Monday the 23rd, and so far all is well.  Suddenly, I can lift my head up and look around, and do you know what I see?  Boston in three weks.  
The past week was the last of the over 80 mile weeks in the Boston training plan.  Next week will still be in the upper seventy mile range, followed by a couple of taper weeks of mid-fifties and mid-forties.  I don't know what I'll do with all that extra time.  Maybe I'll take-up quilting.  


I spent Monday through Friday in Atlanta on business, which provided challenges to my Boston prep.  I had to find a way to work running into a busy schedule, and find places to run.  I asked around and was directed to a small local park, with a 1.33 mile path around the perimiter.  The course was about half paved and half trail.  There were some hills, which at least made it more interesting.  On Monday, after work and before dinner, I did what was supposed to be a recovery run, but I was so keyed-up after day one of our system go-live, I ran it about a minute per mile faster than I should have.   Tuesday was interesting.  I found a track around a football field for my mile repeats.  I did 3 warm-up miles, followed by 6 x 100 yard stride-outs, then 2 mile repeats, both at 5:48.  I skipped the third mile knowing that I would try to do a very aggressive tempo run the next day.  Wedensday, after a 1-mile warm-up at 7:30, I ran 10 miles at 6:40.  It was about as fast as I have done two miles in...well...a long, long time.
By Thursday, with work going well, I was able to slow down for a 10 mile recovery run at a more reasonable pace.  Friday was a travel day, but when I got back to Cleveland, I ran 6 miles.   I was so happy to be back on the trails on Saturday morning.  13.4 miles of running through the woods will make you gald to be alive.  On Sunday, I ran my last 20+ miler before Boston.  I could not get my butt in gear for the first six miles, which I ran alone before the group started.  After that, I managed a 7:20 pace for the remaining 16 miles.  The total for the week was 82 miles.


solarsquirrel said...

OMG. At first glance I really thought that was you in the picture! You are so funny!!!!

I got my packet, too! I'm so excited to experience Boston!

EbethS said...

Took a while to realize that wasn't you. Glad the project is over and went well. Am sure there are some neglected house projects you need to get to that can keep you busy ... just be careful :)

Anonymous said...

Nice boobs, Bro. I always wondered if there was a little gender confusion there.


duchossois said...

No gender confusion, those are 100% man-boobs.

Wyatt Hornsby said...

Frank, the quilting joke was great. Congrats on the successful go-live. I know how hard you've work on it. I also know how hard you've trained. I really admire the effort and dedication you've put into it--a great inspiration and example for all of us. You'll do great in Boston. As one great runner once said, "running is entirely too important to be taken seriously" (or something along those lines). --Wyatt

duchossois said...

Thanks Wyatt. Coming from one of the runners I respect and admire for all of your accomplishments, it means a lot.