Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday Long Run..Weekly Review...Back on the Bike that Bit Me

Quick review of the miles for the week It was a good week overall. I did get back on the bike for the first time since the ITB flared up last week. Felt good. Tuesday at the track I was back on track with 3 x 1 mile intervals, all in the 5:50's. Saturday and Sunday were beautiful days. The trail run on Saturday was wonderful. (Details from the Sunday run to follow.) I did a few early miles with Paul R. Later, Steve Hawthorne, Bob P., and I broke from the group and sprinted back to Peninsula. I say sprinted because our last three miles were all in the 6:45/min range (mostly on the roads.)

I wanted to put 20 miles for the morning, and my plan was to do about 7 miles miles before the group run started at 8:00 AM. I knew I'd catch the sunrise at about the perfect point for a photo from a spot under the power lines, so I took the camera along.

I got my early miles in, and got to the meeting place at the shopping plaza in Solon a few minutes early. Wyatt was there, chugging a RedBull, or, as he said, 'Going Godale'.

Speaking of Godale, I ran ahead of the group and got some nice photos, among them this shot of Mark, smiling with the sun rising behind him. I ran with Mark for a about a mile before he decided to pick up the pace. I didn't see him the rest of the morning.

Before I post the other photos, I wanted to mention that I ran the first eight miles in my Nike Free's, but felt a little twinge in my Achilles. The Sunday morning route takes us within a block of my house, so I took about a quarter mile detour at about the eight mile mark, and changed into my new pair of Pegasus. I though a more traditional shoe with a bit of a heel might help ease the stress on my Achilles.

Here's Dave P., with Wyatt signaling that the field goal was good.
Paul R. and E-speed, already putting some distance between them and the rest of the pack, as usual.

So, I mentioned my little detour to swap-out shoes. Well, I wanted to catch up to the group, so I put the hammer down just a bit, and caught them about four miles later. After that, I ran the rest of the day with Tim C., who just two weeks ago won the Burning River 100 mile. He was in good spirits, and we had a good long talk about running, and living, and where we want to be (in our running lives) in ten or twenty years, or more.
I did get my 20 miles in for the morning, and was back home by 10:00 AM. In order to prepare my body for the Punxsy 50k and Chicago, I took my electrolyte pills about every half hour, and a Vivarin at 15 miles. I want to be sure that I won't have any negative side effects, and I am happy to say, I did not.


Papa Louie said...

Glad to hear your ITB is getting better. Those runs with the club look fun. One of these days I just might show up for some good running with you guys.


That Godale guy needs to lose some weight. Looks like a solar eclipse.

Steve Stenzel said...

Nice job!! Keep an eye on that ITB!

Anonymous said...

Best to you at Punsxy, Frank!

Happy trails,

Connie :)