Thursday, August 21, 2008

Reasons to be cheerful...part 2

  • The niggling ITB hip pain is almost gone now.
  • The weather for the last week has been beautiful.
  • On Sunday, I ran eighteen and a half miles with the SERC group, and felt good. I had tried some No-Doz before the Buckeye Trail 50k as a test, but it upset my stomach. On Sunday, I tried a Vivarin at about thirteen miles and I didn't feel any discomfort. I think I'll try it a few more times, and if all goes well, I can use it in Chicago.
  • I am thinking about trying to run the Punxsutawney 50k in the first week of September. I know I can improve on my Buckeye Trail time. If I do this, it will probably reduce my chances of doing well in Chicago, but what the hell.
  • I had a very god workout at the track on Tuesday. Two and a half warm-up miles, followed by three one-mile intervals with about two minutes recovery between, and two miles of cool down. The interval miles were all under six minutes.
  • I am going to buy some new shoes, very soon. The two primary pairs in current rotation are at about seven hundred miles and five hundred and fifty miles respectively.
  • The Boston Marathon is only eight months away.
  • Yesterday, I rode my bike to work (watched a spectacular sunrise), ran at lunch, then rode home for twenty-six bike miles and about six running ( I forgot my Garmin.)
  • It's another great day today.


david santos said...

Great!!! Thank you.

Phelps, Congratulations!!!!!!
"08-08-08" Olympic Games!!!!!

E-Speed said...

we need to do a carpool to Punxsy if you decide to do it! Last year I crashed on the couch at the race directors house to save money, the race is fantastic, but it is very technical (steep downhills), we both just need to be careful not to fall and break something! I am definitely in. Gotta try and break 5!

duchossois said...

"Gotta try to break 5!" That's a lot of bones to break in one race. ;-)

solarsquirrel said...

I haven't been keeping up w/ the blog so excuse the question if you've already addressed it - but why the caffeine pills? Are they supposed to help w/ cramping or something?? I need all the advice I can get for the towpath marathon!

duchossois said...

solar, I'll e-mail you with more details, but basically the caffeine, if not overdone, can help snap you out of the low-energy shuffle that you sometimes fall into near the end of a distance race. It is probably neither necessary nor advisable for anything shorter than a marathon, but for marathons and ultras, it can help.