Monday, July 28, 2008

Quick Recap of Last Week

Here is a quick recap of my mileage for the week since BT50k. 'R' indicates 'Running', 'RB' indicates 'Road Biking'. A lower mileage week, mostly because I took Sunday after the race off, and I didn't run on Wednesday. I am very happy to report no lingering aches or pains from the 50k. I am not 100% yet, but probably a good 95%. To prove it, I ran 14 miles on Sunday with the SERC group and, omitting the warm-up and cool-down miles from either end, I ran it at about my marathon race pace.

On Saturday, Paul R. and I marked the trail for the Burning River 100 which will be next Saturday and Sunday. We worked from 8:00 AM until about 3:30 PM marking both north and south from Boston store. On Sunday, due to inability to get any other volunteers to show up, I worked alone finishing a section south of Columbia Road, then north from Columbia to Snowville Road. I could not keep up much of a pace with a backpack full of stuff (mallet for driving in stakes, staple gun for attaching arrow signs, lime for drawing arrows on the ground), plus carrying stakes, ribbons, and my water. I did manage to walk at a good pace, and run short sections. Mostly, I was concerned with making the trail easy to follow. I tried to look at the trail form the perspective of a runner who is not familiar with the trail, running in the dark. At any point where a runner might be unclear about the trail, I tried to make sure the path was apparent, even conspicuous. Even where the trail was well-worn and obvious, I made it a practice of marking a tree with a ribbon every 100 to 150 yards, just to reassure the runners that they were on the right path.

The lack of volunteers (or more precisely, the lack of volunteers who made actually showed up after volunteering) means we'll Paul and I will probably have to get together one or more evenings this week to get the job done. I am looking forward to Saturday, when Sue and I will be working the Boston store aid station. We'll be there for the first shift, so we'll attend to the lead runners.


E-Speed said...

Frank that is great that you marked around Boston Store. When we set up Saturday if it is okay with you I'd like to have you go out a half mile on each section and remark anything that was vandalized :) I heard about people not showing, what a bummer. I helped mark the last 4 miles and it was a breeze as we had 5 people. I'm going back out Friday to mark towpath on the bike, not sure that will be so quick with only 2 :)

My run mileage this week was dismal, trying to keep it in perspective what with doing a 2 mile swim and a 100 mile bike, but sub 30 run miles is till sub 30 run miles :/

Glad you are feeling mostly recovered! I think the century ride probably set me back 3-7 days.

Steve Stenzel said...

Glad you're doing OK after the 50K! Those are STILL GREAT numbers for the week!!!!

Steve Hawthorne said...

The mileage would be much more impressive if you would mention a certain someone every once in awhile.