Friday, August 7, 2009

Burning River 100 Mile Photos - Still no race report

I apologize to anyone who might want to read a race report, but I have been hesitant to try to write one. Maybe after a little more time, I'll attempt it, but for now, at least I have these photos to share.

The start at Squires Castle in Willoughby Hills, at 5:00 AM on Saturday. The beginning of an amazing adventure.

Early in the day, running with Patrick McGlade. He told me about his plan to run across the country, 26.2 miles a day, from California to Georgia. Good Luck, Patrick! He ran a great race and ended up 5th overall.

Approaching Alexander Road Station, 31 miles into the race and my left ankle was making me regret every step. That pain started at about 12 miles and continued until about 36 miles. My lower back was starting to ache, probably because of the fuel belt which I typically do not wear.

Between Alexander and Station Bridge, approximately 34 miles. At Alexander aid station, I decided that the fuel belt had to go. I grabbed a water bottle in each hand and ditched the belt. Running without the fuel belt did reduce my back pain.

Station Bridge aid station, mile 37. I had a couple of PBJ's and refilled my water bottles with Heed. From there, it was a very hot run on the tow path where there was very little shade to the Carriage Trail loop, then back on the towpath

Creek crossing in Brecksville, around 44 miles. I was feeling OK here, having run through the ankle pain and back ache. Of course, a few miles after this came my biggest screw-up of the day. I lost the trail, and lost about 45 minutes retracing my path to try to find it.

Boston store aid station, mile 56. Sue is waiting to hear what I need, but I am just too busy shoving watermelon into my mouth to talk.

At the Pine Hollow aid station (mile 75.1) with Paul Romanic, my pacer for miles 60.6 through 81.6. It was good to see Tim McGinty here (he took this photo.) He would pace me from Merriman Road (mile 93.5) to the finish (mile 101.2). Paul did a great job, reminding me to keep trying to pick up the pace, and keeping us on the trail in the dark when it is so easy to make a wrong turn. Thanks Paul.

Crossing the finish line on a hundred miler feels approximately 4 times better than crossing the finish lines at a marathon.

Just after crossing the finish line, with my pacer for the final 10 miles, Tim McGinty. (Thanks for taking me in, Tim!)

Done, having some coffee and waiting for Chef Bill Bailey and his crew to fire up the griddles and make breakfast. Thankfully, no one took a photo of me laying on the stoop in front of a store in the plaza, looking like a homeless guy.


Anonymous said...

Dangit Frank! You finished a hundo? AWESOME! Is this your first 100?

I have a new blog address:

so you can update your records. I'm back in the saddle (so to speak). Fat and sassy as an elephant (just can't get the weight off) but moving all the same.

Can't wait for the report,

Connie :)

Anonymous said...

Also, my blog has a new name:

"Jest Keep Swimmin'"


Julie said...

Wow what a great experience. I'm so proud of you. Don't tell me it feels better than a marathon...if October goes well I might be tempted to test your theory someday ( ;

solarsquirrel said...



EbethS said...

Congrats, just an incredible year for you

Patrick McGlade said...

Thank you! It was great running with you and Connie and Tim! I hope to see you all at races in the future. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...


I had to delete my blog and Google account, so you can go ahead and remove the link to "Jest Keep Swimmin'" from your bloglist. :)

I will be going offline for the most part but will continue to read your blog and look very forward to your 100 miler report!

Connie :)

Anonymous said...

Good job Frank. Saw you at Buckeye 50k. Congrats on a fantastic year.

Steve Babyak

Ernesto said...

Photos are awesome, but I can't wait to hear the race report!