Sunday, February 8, 2009

Summary - Week of 2/2 through 2/8/09

I'll forgo the narrative describing each daily run.  You could reread last week's summary, as we are in that part of the winter where each bleak week seems just like the last.  You can see the daily mileage in the table to the right.   The total for the week was 81 miles. As has been my pattern, I cam up about 4 miles short of the Pfitzinger's recommended mileage.   Disappointing.  I should have gone longer on Friday and Sunday.   About the only interesting I have to add is that I've started real tempo and interval speed work again.  I ran 3 x 1 mile on Tuesday at 6:00/min pace. I ran 5 miles at a 6:31/pace on Thursday.   Since these were on the treadmill, I have my doubts about the accuracy of the pace.  I expect that when I get the chance to run these on the track, I'll find it will be more difficult. 

On Sunday, after our run, a small group of us from SERC participated in a yoga session.  The instructor, knowing we are a group of runner, geared the session to positions that would be most helpful for us.  I warned everyone going in that I was simply there to provide comic relief.  I am slightly less flexible that a slab of marble.  I was surprised and relieved to find that we did not do anything too challenging.  It was relaxing, and I did feel the stretching was beneficial.  I could have done without the "...find your inner self..." narration that the instructor provided, but I basically tuned him out.  


EbethS said...

What does RR stand for, am assuming R is recovery . I just noticed that you are signed up for Burning River, wow.

Anonymous said...

Tuning him out was a good plan......I've seen your inner self and I'm not sure it's worth finding :)

Love, LilSis

duchossois said...

I don't think I have an inner self. Hell, I barely have an outer self.