Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Recapping Monday through Sunday

This is a brief blog, not particularly entertaining, more of a simple review of my training for the week past with minimal commentary. (If you'd prefer something more lively, filled with photos, videos, and funny dialogue, you could try this one.)

The numbers are as shown to the right, totaling 67 miles for the week.
The intervals were 6 x 100 stride-out followed by 6 x 800's at around 2:55 to 3:00 pace, with 200 recovery. Note the absences of a tempo run, which should have been on Thursday. I forgot my Garmin and didn't have any way of timing the run, so I am reluctant to call it a 'tempo', but it was a good run. I've been trying to mix up my running routine, try different routes and explore new areas to keep it interesting. I've already added a few new wrinkles, heading due west on Pleasant Valley to Broadview and back. Also, Mark G. said there is a route leading down into the valley from the cemetery at Rockside and Brecksville, so I'll try to find it this week.
Nothing else significant to report. No injuries, only the usual areas of pain here and there.

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